Firewire Welding and Fabrication


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We know you have many options to choose from when it comes to welding, however Firewire brings knowledge and experience coupled with the legitimacy of being a licensed contractor that other welders simply do not have. The welder/fabricator posting on craigslist may be cheaper in the short term, but Firewire welds and builds things for the long term.

Example of Current Rates:
(Subject to change)

Shop prices (Does not include materials) Field prices listed are hourly, in most cases a 4 hour minimum will apply. Returning customers and customers under contract at reduced rates. One or two travel way may apply.
Laborer: $85
Welder $105
Laborer with small tools: $95
Welding / oxy acetylene cutting: $115
Heavy Welding (E71-T8): $125
Specialty Welding: $150