Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services

Firewire Fabrication Services

We have an extensive amount of fabrication experience in:

Moment Frames

Brace Frames

Large Window Frames

Column(s) / Beam(s)

Steel and Aluminum Doors / Gates / Industrial fencing

Stair stringers, treads, handrail, guardrail

Roof access ladders and cages


We handle each fabrication job with an attention to detail to ensure accuracy upon delivery. That accuracy starts with the shop drawings and continues until every last piece, bolt, nut, and weld are placed. Ensuring that all pieces function as they should the first time around thereby eliminating waste in terms of fewer lost days and delays.

We can also coordinate with your schedule. Have a fast paced job that needs to be done as soon as possible? No problem. Have special concerns? No problem. Have a tight job site with limited access? No problem. Contact us, keep us in the loop and we should be able to accommodate most requests.